Why for God’s sake? Why?

20170805_145947I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a self confessed technophobe.Stop screaming “So what are you doing a blog for then?!!” at your device.I’m being dragged against my will into the 21st century. That’s not to say I’m stuck in the past but I do have an inbuilt, no doubt genetically passed down need to protest against what I feel is being pushed on me. We have to have personal access to the internet to be able to fully function. We have no choice. Yeah yeah, hasn’t answered the question. I waffle, what can I say?
Right, the one thing that makes me feel alive is attending football matches. Predominantly games involving Birmingham City (Stop laughing) but I ground hop too. I couple watching football with real ale. It takes a fair bit of research and planning, both I’m sad enough to admit to enjoying. These plans have been known to be either altered to fit in with friends plans or ignored altogether. I don’t drive and I don’t do official travel.It means I get to see some great and not so great places, drink great and not so great beer in some weird and wonderful pubs and bars. Throw in a few varied conversations with friends and strangers and you start to get the picture.

I hand write thoughts and poems every now and again. I’ve been told that my drivel is pretty good by people whose opinions I value and coupled with when I relate my travels and adventures to the same people, I’m told by them I should do a blog. Why they can’t just take out an injunction against me, I don’t know.

So, here’s the blog





2 thoughts on “Why for God’s sake? Why?

  1. Hi Ed (sorry can’t get me head around Sid)
    Thanks to your nephew David I have finally got around to reading your Blog and a jolly good read it is too. Just read the whole thing backwards as I started on 20/8/17 and ended up here 2/8/17. Keep up the good work,
    Cheers JP a Manchester United fan (home and away) who married an Arsenal fan and ended up watching Dunfermline Athletic (home and away) before being posted down south to that there London, doing a bit of ground hoping before latching onto Shrewsbury Town (home and away) once little David got interested in football.


    1. Thanks and I definitely mean to keep it up. I’m enjoying both the escapades and the writing them up. Feel free to pass the link or whatever the jargon is to anyone who is having trouble sleeping. They’re guaranteed to be asleep before the end of the title. Look out for my Gillingham v Shrews in a couple of weeks time.

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