He’s one of those that never goes!!!

There is a species that inhabits this awesome planet of ours that needs wiping out. Either humanely or inhumanely. It doesn’t matter how really. They are parasites, maggots, creatures who suck the life out you. I’m referring to the plastic fans of the “Big” clubs. An obscenely high percentage have never even visited the City that “Their club” reside, even less have actually seen the ground, less still have actually been to a single game. By the way, a single game doesn’t make you a supporter, no matter how many replica shirts you buy and wear whilst sitting in your armchair at home to watch them on Sky or BT or down the pub whilst boring everyone within earshot about the ONE time you actually went and certainly not if sole attended game was a present from someone else. 1 game every 5 years does not exonerate you either. You simply have no excuse in mine or any true match attending supporters eyes. I genuinely have empathy for fans who for financial reasons struggle to go when they’re desperate to. You can see the pain etched on their faces when they talk to you. I have respect for supporters who, although follow the results still, have fallen out of love with going. Because they used to go. You talk to them and the stories flow from them. Games, grounds, companions, routines. You can’t make those things up. But you who never go? You make my skin crawl with your lame excuses as to why you don’t go. The very air round you is toxic. How you have the audacity to think you are on the same level as a season ticket holder of any club in the country regardless of division is beyond me. You are sub-human. Don’t claim that it’s too hard to get tickets when you’ve not even done the research. Hearing the words “Sell out crowd” and “They could have sold out 10 times over” on the commentary doesn’t make you an expert. There is no ground in the world where it’s season ticket only in the home end. What’s your client reference number? You haven’t got one? Now there’s a surprise. It’s too far to go, is another lame excuse. Tell that to the the various affiliated supporters clubs of “Your” club. Let alone the independent supporters who find whatever means they can to travel to the game. While we at it, serves you right for not choosing to follow your local club. Don’t poke fun at your local club and its fans and then bemoan the geographics. Also don’t boast about your new car or foreign holiday and then claim it’s too expensive. Do you even know how much a ticket costs? Which stand? Who does “Your” club play in their category A games? What’s the price difference between each category? How much is it by train? Looked into Advance tickets? Split tickets? National Express? How much for the cost of petrol and parking? You won’t know because you haven’t even looked. Your hideous being makes me feel nauseous. Your total lack of knowledge about the club you claim to support is pathetic. All you know is what colours they play in and that they’ve won more trophies than the club someone else has the courage and conviction to support in person, anywhere they play. So does that mean that if I purchase the latest Real Madrid shirt so i can wear it when I watch them in the La Liga on Sky every time they’re shown, I’m a supporter? Well I’m just like you. Oh no wait, they’ve won more trophies than “Your” club. No, take your irritating voice and lack of personality away somewhere and never block the light out with ugliness again. For those of you who know exactly the type of people I’ve written about and agree with me, then never tire of finding different ways of reminding them that to you, they are nothing and they will never be any more than that until they start going to Anfield, Old Trafford, Ashburton Grove, Stamford Bridge etc on a regular basis. To ALL the season ticket holders out there, regardless of who you support, keep the faith. To supporters who are organising protests against unscrupulous owners, keep the faith. To the ground hoppers out there, keep going to games, to the fans that are desperate to get down to games and genuinely can’t, you’ll get there because it’s in your heart. To the plastics out there, you should be truly ashamed of yourselves.

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