What just happened?

Once I’d emerged from my lie down in a dark room, I started to not only piece together what had actually happened on deadline day but also the lead up throughout the close season. To be honest, there’s still a lot of dust in the air and so it’s still relatively hazy. Amongst the relegation avoidance celebrations, (We’re good at them, but then We’ve had an awful lot of practice) there were rumours flying around with how much there was to spend in the summer transfer window. Figures were banded about that had previously never been heard of at Blues. General consensus was that if Redknapp was going to stay, it would have to be a substantial amount. Reason being that at his stage of life, they would have to make it worth his while, as he didn’t need the hassle. Every season, transfer speculation is worse than before. What with the media juggernaut that is Sky, who clearly haven’t any interest in covering real stories when they can add to the ever growing hysteria with rumours from mysterious sources. I honestly couldn’t give a monkey’s if Lawie, Hugo or Alexis Sanchez does or doesn’t sign for Manchester City or Worcester City. Report it after it’s happened, not before. Social media notice boards. Comment on them after the event by all means, speculation on what you think will happen is as about as worth while as predicting anything else in life. It’s pointless. What got to me were the so called “In the know” merchants. They would throw in a name and watch the feeding frenzy. Every name linked was the same. Players we’d heard of, players we hadn’t, players we vaguely knew, players we wanted, players we didn’t. As supporters, we all have our own views and opinions about different players and formations, we all think we know what we’re talking about but actually we don’t. If we did, then we’d be doing the managers job and not the jobs we try not to daydream through. I’m no different, I thought both our keepers were poor last season and both their contracts were extended. So we weren’t going to be getting a keeper in, or so I thought. I had a text from a work colleague to say he was impressed with our first signing. I immediately went on the website to find out who it was. Not only was it a keeper but arguably the best one in Championship last season. Even more impressive, he’d turned down a new contract to come to us. He’d turned his back on the Premier league to come to us? Here we go, I thought. We hadn’t even been linked with him and he’s ours. Then we’re linked to John Terry. I’ve never rated him. Either on or off the pitch. He’d led his club and country, medals aplenty. Didn’t matter to me, still didn’t rate him. I was told by a very reliable friend that they’d been told by someone in the media that it was a done deal. This person’s information had never been wrong before. I took it as red that it would happen. Terry took a long time to choose Villa over us. In the meantime, we spent “An undisclosed fee, believed to be in the region of” £3.5m on a centre half. We weren’t messing about. Next came a bruiser of an African midfielder. Harry likes his African midfielders. It was starting to come together quite nicely. Then it seemed to grind to a halt. The knee-jerk reactions started on the forums. The frantic panics showed their colours, the gloom and doom merchants got vocal. Deals were falling through quicker than Pavarotti on thin ice. We started the season extremely threadbare. We picked up a striker from league 2 and we got into a bit of a price haggle for a goal scoring centre half. Injuries made us look even more threadbare. Then we bought in some loans. Was the money really there? Reading made us look very ordinary at best. Then it went ballistic. Proper money spent on another centre half who endeared himself with the Blue hordes by announcing he’d joined the biggest club in Brum. Bit like Terry looking forward to playing in front of 40,000 down at Villa park. Come on lads, get a grip on reality. Deadline day was on us. This is one that will be talked about for years to come. First in was one that we knew of. A free transfer. A mere appetizer. The next one was like unwrapping the surprise Christmas present that you then looked at with a stupid grin on your face. Things just got faster and faster. We got linked with a player the type I never thought I’d ever see down the Blues again when Lee Clark could only offer 5 grand a week. It was that outlandish a link that I didn’t even think about it afterwards. Then I read it. The bloke was in the building having a medical. I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming. Another huge Premier league player was linked, again I poured scorn on it. A bid for another Brentford player had been put in. Surely not, they wouldn’t except. Would they? They did. Right then, 3 in, 1 pending and the 1 pending would be announced with fireworks a full brass band and dancing girls. It felt THAT big. The England international turned us down. The fireworks were never taken out of the box, he failed the medical. We were so close to having a world famous player clogging up our physio’s table. Even then, there was time to bring in another loan signing. All this was interspersed with players going too. Nobody that I was unhappy with going. Nobody I was really surprised about. Apparently the Petulant Arsenal injury prone player was offered £90,000 a week but didn’t want to drop down to the Championship. A last £5m bid was turned down for the goal scoring centre half. A £7m bid turned down in favor of staying in the Premier league for a full back with very recent Champions league experience. There could well be more. In fact, I’ll be surprised if there wasn’t. Harry said he hates the stress of deadline day. Me thinks he doth protest too much M’lord. The final score was 4:5. On aggregate, 14:14. There was a few records broken along the way. 28 players in and out altogether, 14 players in, 4 in, 5 out on deadline day. Most paid out for a player and the most spent in a transfer window. Some heady stuff. Welcome to all the players who’ve come in. Even Gardner. Hope you enjoy your time at Blues but remember, we do expect you to earn our adoration. Respect us and we’ll respect you. Big thank you to the players who’ve left us on permanent transfers. Good luck but remember to have rubbish games when you play us in the future. To the ones who’ve gone out on loan, I hope you use it as a stepping stone to where you need to be, wherever that is. I’m sat here finishing this off itching to get to games to watch Harry in action, molding and nurturing what he’s got to work with. I haven’t felt this exited since I was a kid. Bring it on.

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