Chinese Chop House

I got up on Sunday 7th May knowing that Blues were going to win and stay up. It was a strange feeling. In my entire time of following Blues, I’d only ever had it once before with a big game. That was when the penalties started in Cardiff v Norwich. Every other Blues fan in Bristol that morning in May was a bag of nerves. Last season almost finished me off. I’d gone from being bored every week watching Rowetts football, to being astonished that the board had sacked him, to disbelief that the very same day they appointed Zola, to the civil war that broke out in the stands, to predicting that Zola was going to chuck it in the very game that he did it after, to first, a 70 year old, Redknapp being linked, to him taking the huge purse that was offered him. We’d spent money at the start, we’d spent money in January, we’d heard rumors that Rowett had hawked himself round a couple of clubs, watched Zola visibly crumble, finished off with the appointment of probably the second best English manager never to have managed England and that day in Bristol. There’s still fans that would have Rowett back. Hell no. I felt kind of sorry for Zola. He came in on the back of the wrong way of going about things. His appointment was way too quick after Rowett had got the boot. He was on to a loser from the start. He was also the wrong appointment. Personally, I was desperate for Zola and his idea of playing a skillful passing game to be successful. I’d got so fed up of Rowetts functional lump ball that watching us had become a chore. It wasn’t so much that the players couldn’t play a passing game, they’re professionals. They can adapt to whatever system and formation given time. There were players who know who they are, that didn’t want to play for him. Loyal to the old guard, not the new. Redknapp is a big personality and a good manager. He knew he had to turn it round. He knew what he needed to do too. The summer recruitment didn’t go the way it needed to. Deadline day was incredible. We were a couple of friendlies short. A big reason for some of our injuries. Writing this the day after Redknapps dismissal, I can’t help thinking that not all this is down to him. The board and the owners need to stop making mistakes and they need to stop making them now. Just by getting rid of 3 managers in less than a year, makes us a poisoned chalice. Who in their right mind would want to come and manage us? That will shrink the choice down. Even average managers will be queuing to distance themselves from the job. I fear for the clubs long term future. The owners are extremely ambitious apparently. Isn’t every owner in their own set of circumstances? I don’t know who our new manager is going to be and I honestly don’t care because whoever it is won’t be any good. Not only will they not be any good but they’ll be having to work for owners who by the looks of it, don’t know what they’re doing. Couple that with some players who are already going through the motions and others who will be wondering what they’ve come into. There might be another 38 games to go but I just can’t see us winning enough to stay up.

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