Float them all off

On a petrol soaked boat and then hit them with a flare. Just a day dream, nightmare swap the words and letters, add a few, add a lot. I wish no harm to nobody. Nobody unless they wish me harm. This current squad is causing me harm. Dramatic? Course it is. . . . . or is it. We haven’t got the talent to get anywhere near what you lot are but we’ve got something that you lot obviously haven’t got and never will have. Let’s see, mmm… how do you put into simple words, easy terminology, what we feel, go through, what we are? First things first, you lot will never understand what’s it’s like to be us. It’s like toffs pretending to be poor. You lot realised and worked upon your talents for kicking a ball very early in life. I can kick a ball straight, I just can’t do it consistently enough. You lot can. Oh how I tried though. The amount of time I wasted kicking that round bouncy thing around, I should be as good as you. I’m not though. You got picked and picked, progressed and progressed till you got there. Me? I watched, devoted not with you but the club. Our history, our identity. Never mind the trophies, every club has its identity, so does its fans. You lot, you’re nothing. We’re everything. Think you’re better? Immerse yourself in the history of the club you play for. Look passed the autograph hunters as you sign your name to whoever and pose for every photograph. That’s your basic requirement by the way. They worship you. I have no idea why. The rest of us are here. Always here. Wherever you go. Once you are gone and another bunch take your place, we’ll be there. Us, there, not wishing we were you, just wishing you lot would turn up. Put the same commitment into playing for us as we do in following you. Is it nieve to expect you to push yourself for every badge that adorns your chest? Then naturally, we won’t stay quiet when you put in a less than 100%. It’s not your right to play for us, it’s a privilege. You don’t play for me, you play for us and believe me, you’d be us if you had our qualities and not just your talent.

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