“But their hearts in the right place”

Always a postfix to yet another badly thought out attempt at helping someone. I’m not talking domestically here though. No Christmas socks or some other hastily bought gift because you’ve forgotten to get someone something or you don’t like them but family protocol dictates you have to. I’m talking about our new. . . ish owners. They announced themselves, or rather didn’t, a year ago. In every other industry, company takeover is reported but rarely creates anything but a gentle ripple  (Unless it’s a celebrity or Richard Branson which is the same thing, never shy of a bit of publicity, our Richard). In sport and particularly football, it’s different. Clients/fans want and in my eyes deserve information and agenda from any new owners of their club. We didn’t get that at Blues. We got nothing. Makes you suspicious at best, paranoid at worst. Especially after the previous regime. The first hint of what the new bunch were about was when Rowett got dumped, instantly replaced by Zola. Regardless of outcome, this was classless. I wanted Rowett gone, he’d got us set up to play unadventurous football and I for one was losing the will to live every time I watched us. Final whistle couldn’t come quick enough. We were solid enough and if that’s your idea of football then you’d have been happy. Zola’s appointment was ill thought out. Sure he was a great player. He did things I couldn’t even do in my head. As a manager, I and the rest of the expressive football brigade clung on to his Watford days. Trying to ignore the rest of his appalling managerial record. The fact that Zola was inept quickly caught up with him. The new lot chucked him money to waste, or did they? Were they Zola signings or did he have them pushed on him? I watched Zola’s body language in his last game, he was a broken man. I predicted his immediate post match resignation. It had been civil war in the stands. The like, I’d never seen at Blues, I’d expect it at other clubs, not us, it went on for weeks, Our league position was perilous. I for one, don’t care what league we’re in, the only thing that ever stops me going is not having the money to go. This lot were stalling on season tickets. Some of us were trying to fit them round holiday budgets, some just wanted to get it done and dusted, then relax. Waiting to see what division we were going to be in? We go down, keep the prices. Simple. Stay up. Increase them. They’d been held for 2 seasons anyway. Redknapp rides in on heavy money. An obscene amount. I didn’t want him. We stayed up. Redknapp is a hero. Our kind of bloke. Money to spend in the summer, this was it. Power shift!! Seen enough of this in my football years. Finally, was this US. . . . . Nope. Cotterill walked away, too good to be Redknapp’s number 2. Hard Chinese sell? Obviously not. Season tickets were pegged back again. We’d stayed up. 3 years in a row. Had we have gone down would they have dropped them??? So why take so long? Are we nothing?? Redknapp stays and early signings prick your ears up. Then. . . . . nothing. We pursued this and that. . . apparently. I have no idea what had gone on except loads of rumours. Super agents? Chief scouts? Who was doing what? You want to make a good go of anything in life, success comes out of planning. Keep it simple. Give structure to enable and nurture creativity. We hit the first game the season light of where we needed to be. Deadline day was mental. Redknapp’s signings? No, no they weren’t. The dressing room was obviously fractious at best. More disarray than you could shake a stick at. Yet another managerial clanger. Redknapp went and at the time, I was devastated. Cotterill of the I’m too good to be a number two rode back in. The owners were talking now, or at least one of them was. Ren Dong exclaimed that they’re ambitious. The money they’ve spent keeping us in the bottom six, shows that. They announced they’d got plans to buy and develop the training ground. Another mistake. Whoever own said training ground would’ve been a bit peeved. Being a belligerent kind of bloke, I would’ve thought, hold on a minute, can you at least have the decency to ask if it’s for sale. Don’t just think it’s a full gone conclusion. The price would either double or just a flat no, would be my feeling. Once you’ve bought it, then you can have flag wavers, dancing girls, a band and whatever else accompanying the press conference. Classless to crass. With a fanfare, the club states they’ve hooked up with a Spanish club to benefit our academy players in their development. Surely this is a good idea. Firstly, is this a little bit of a gamble with regards to Brexit and not decided yet, European employment movement? The club in question, currently reside in the third tier, our League one then. Starting to look a lot less beneficial. It’s also in Catalonia. Do this lot actually watch the news? The region is a powder keg of a place and they want to send lads who barely know how to shave there? From crass to clueless. Leads me to how little regard they have for the supporters who go week in, week out. Firstly, they released details of executive travel including match ticket in the away end for the Fulham. This was before they’d actually released details of the ticket sales themselves. So basically, never mind that you go to every away game, you don’t count. You’re an inconvenience to the people who have the money to pay over the odds for a champagne boat trip. From clueless to careless. This lots stupidity knows no limits. I was skimming the S.H.A. forum when I spotted the dreaded words. . . . clapper boards. Surely this was a wind up. No, no it wasn’t. Each seat would have a clapper board to help generate an atmosphere against Villa. Yet again, no research done. The one game that every Blues fan is up for, is against them lot. The atmosphere for a normal game can be flat but even the most calm, mild mannered Blues fan turns rabid against them lot. You shout more, you shout louder. Same with singing. What you definitely don’t need is a clapper board. It’s an insult. Rightly or wrongly, a lot ended up on the pitch. From clueless to crazy. I have no confidence at all that these owners know what they’re doing or will ever get it right. I can only see more bad times ahead.

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