30/12/17 Blues v Leeds United. Leads aren’t just meant for dogs.

The firm I currently work for, took it upon themselves to pay us early for December. Eleven days early in fact. Something we weren’t consulted on. They then expected us to make a months wage last six weeks. Thanks, thanks for absolutely nothing. My bank account was already looking pretty sick. Darrell text to say he was heading for the Wellington. Once off the bus, I joined him. I told him about what had happened to me to and from Edinburgh. Darrell is a bit of a train buff. He’s also a APP buff. If anyone knew how to apply for compensation, it was going to be him. He gave me the information I needed. I don’t like complaining and claiming for things, I haven’t been brought up that way, but there are times when you deserve some kind of recompense. Steve and his Nephew came in. With his Nephew being not only a Hereford fan but also the person who had managed to get me and Steve tickets for their game at Fleetwood, it wasn’t long before we were talking about it. I am looking at getting to watch Hereford again. When, I don’t know, but it’s definitely on my wish list. I’m sad enough to say I love watching football at all levels and given the opportunity, I try to. We moved on to the Post Office Vaults. Rich was at the bar. Him and Mal had been for a family meal at their Sisters local. Not only had he discovered glass in his soup, but so had Mal. Apparently, the way the incident had been dealt with was appalling. Apathetic at best. It was their Sisters local though, maybe she had something to do with it. . . . (Looks thoughtfully into the distance) We dropped in on the Woodman next and took over the back room. Steve’s Nephew sometimes works as a steward at Old Trafford, and he told us about when he had to use one of those squash racket things that detects weapons. Only it wasn’t working properly. When he pointed it out, he was told to “Just pretend it works”. I suppose if anyone had actually brandished a knife, then at least he could’ve batting them off with it, whilst imitating a bleeping noise. We didn’t bother going to the Dog, but went to the game instead. Least the Steward who searched me, wasn’t as miserable as the one on Boxing day.

I was expecting a lot better from Leeds, backed as always, by an impressive away following. I’m used to not expecting anything from Blues, they were the same as usual, but Leeds, I was definitely expecting more from. They were sat in the playoff positions, a spot, I thought we’d be in at the very least, at the start of the season. Oh how wrong I was. The first half finished with me still wondering when Leeds were going to turn up. On the plus side, Leeds hadn’t turned up, and we were drawing. Second half started and still nothing from Leeds. The longer the game went on, the more I thought we might actually get a point with a 0:0 draw. After all, the chances of us scoring are on a par with Banksy being commissioned to repaint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or Barack Obama becoming Imperial Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. Were Leeds just having an off day or had we dragged them down to our level? Boga was replaced by Jota. Six minutes later, he produced his first worthwhile contribution since Leeds away (Yes I know that sounds a harsh thing to say, but I actually like the bloke, and it’s also true.) He jinked in from the right wing and shot left footed across the Leeds Keeper who parried it out. Maghoma was on hand to gleefully smash the ball into the roof of the net like it was his tenth of the season and not just his third. His first since Burton away in August. All we needed to do now was to keep kicking it out of the ground for the last seven minutes plus the added time and victory was ours. The atmosphere was cranked up several notches. It was halfway to what it should be. We held on, and we held on quite easily. Leeds really hadn’t turned up. We’d won. The only problem was, two of our rivals did.

I didn’t bother going back to the Dog. Not because I was trying to save money or because I’d forgotten how to celebrate but I was off down my Sister’s the next day and I’d stuff I needed to sort out. Ok, ok. Truth be told, I was in shock and I needed a lie down.


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