Seasons greetings from my review point.

The dust has finally settled. That includes a boy racer and his crew juddering passed with base speaker distortion. My aims for the season were to attend every first team Blues game, regardless of whatever competition they were in, carry on in my quest to attend a first team game at every league ground, chuck in a couple more Hearts games and any non league games I could get to. All this independent of official travel or falling back on a lift in a car. The first thing was twiddle thumbs until the fixtures came out. Then it was the excitement and enjoyment of planning. Working out where to go on the international weekends. Blues still being in a high enough division to get affected by this. Then both the local police and Sky Television decimate the fixtures. Holidays are booked, mindful of Sky getting their sticky fingers on future fixtures. Both Reading and Bolton deemed it necessary to move fixtures to work days from public holidays. A heart felt thanks to them, for ignoring the normal supporters and not so normal addicts. The next thing, as my meagre wages were ever shrinking due to inflation, was to try and save as much as I could, so I could take a good run up to the season. I spent the summer stocking up on non consumables, and things that had got a long shelf life. Things like toilet roll and toothpaste. Shower gel and washing up liquid. Things like tins of food and tea bags. By the time Ipswich away came along, I was ready, even if Blues weren’t. Advance train tickets bought for the first two months and hotels booked for the whole of the season. After an initial couple of signings, Blues were definitely short when the new season kicked off. Judging by the lack of friendlies, they were short of match fitness too. We spent up until transfer deadline, playing catch up. Things didn’t seem to be right. Deadline day was crazy. The sacking of Redknapp only three games after, even crazier. Whatever plans there was, were up in smoke. Having a fair bit of experience of watching Blues, the season before had been unprecedented, but to be almost repeating it immediately, took its toll on me. I became jaded with the “Goings on”. It became all about the days out. Expectations with the Blues had not only become extinguished, but had been replaced by resignation that we were going to lose every game. At one point early on in the reign of Cotterill, I was convinced we were going down. I wasn’t happy or sorry that he went and I wasn’t happy or disheartened when Monk was appointed. It was just all about the days out. I got to go to some great places and some places that I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to move to. I’m not going to do a list, because quite frankly, it’s down to personal taste. Most of the hotels I went to, I’d be more than happy to stay again should the need arise. There was one that I won’t be though. Family put me up, or more to the point, family put up with me. I’m extremely grateful that they did. I fell foul of rail strikes. Something I wholeheartedly supported, but inconvenienced me greatly. I had to put up with delays due to engineering problems. At one point, I couldn’t seem to be able to catch a train without having problems. Rail replacement buses are a lottery and soul destroying. Weather wise, it was what you get. You’ll get wet, freeze and bake. The rain at Leeds and Middlesbrough I could’ve done without, the sun and heat at Gillingham, I’d have been more than happy with at the cricket. My toes took weeks to thaw out after the Huddersfield cup replay (I thought I might even have to go to hospital with frostbite) and don’t get me started with the snow that came down for Hull at home. After the game at Brentford, wasn’t expected, well waking up in hospital wasn’t. It meant that my ambition of completing the whole season with Blues evaporated. I think if I had tried arguing with my sister Val, that I was going to the game on the following Saturday, she’d have sat on me to stop me from discharging myself. At the time, as things were quite hazy, I didn’t realize how much people actually rallied round me. I’m not an attention seeker at the worst of dramas anyway. I am going to post an article that charts my recovery so expect one that bores you to sleep. Back to the “rallying around” bit though, I was surprised by how word had got round. I’m not going to lie, it was nice seeing people generally pleased to see me. The concern that everyone showed me was very much appreciated. So although it certainly wasn’t how I thought the season was going to pan out, either on a personal level or a football supporting level, I’ve enjoyed it. Going to the football, lifts me out of the humdrum life of a Minion. Well I’ve already got the new fixtures written out and stuck to the side of the wardrobe, just waiting on the non league ones now. I’ve booked hotels and bought advanced train tickets already, I’m gearing up. The 92 should be completed, (Until Brentford move into their new ground) I have got 7 Hearts games penciled in, and I’m going to be ground hopping round the non league scene. Chorley beware, I’m going to be gracing you with my presence.

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