17/8/18 Blues v Swansea City. Isn’t There Anything On The Other Side?

Having a meagre holiday entitlement, as all us Minions do, and Sky on a whim, might put another game on a Friday, I’m having to be extremely careful with how I use said holiday entitlement. It meant that I’d decided to work (Or slave) as usual. Now I don’t wear colours, but I am partial to the casual look. Going straight from work, in my work gear, I felt dirty and scruffy. No dress down Friday for us lower end workers, and dress up Friday, isn’t an option. Not when there’s corporate, branded, uniform that we have to wear, with unpaid, free advertising, for the firm’s that pay us poorly. I got off the bus in town and hit the bank to sort some pocket money out. It was then on to the Wellington. We make use of the upstairs on a night game. Darrell, Jinksy and J.K. were already up there. I’d been looking forward to my first pint all day, it didn’t disappoint. Usually, when some celebrity dies, the jokes come thick and fast. They hadn’t with Aretha Franklin, nor with Barry Chuckle either. Jinksy had been sent a link someone had posted that included the two though. A picture of them both, Aretha saying R.E.S.P.E.C.T, FIND OUT WHAT IT MEANS TO ME, TO YOU, TO ME, TO YOU. We also wondered what was behind the recent resignation of the Premier league referee, Bobby Madley, and whether the rumours were true, just as football fans do really. Are they true? They’re a bit far fetched. Do your own research, make your own mind up. We headed to the Head of Steam, the Place was fairly busy with people that smelt a lot better than what I felt I did. It had got a Manchester Marble, take over in there, unfortunately, there was no Chocolate Marble stout. Steve Whaley came in and so did Taffy, resplendent in his yellow away shirt again. Steve had got a ticket for Forrest, but wasn’t going to the game, as he was going to be in Prestatyn. I text my lad, but he’d got other plans. My sister Chris phoned me, to see how I was. She’s been following/checking up/worrying on my progress since Brentford. I put her mind at rest. Paul joined us, and we trapsed down to the Kilda. The choice is excellent in there, I had a 2/3 of Breakfast Stout at 7%, by Burning Soul. It was like liquid velvet. With the game being moved, a few of us had eyes on ground hopping. Jinksy was asked when he was next due up in Glasgow. I was asked when I was next up to watch Hearts, and I mentioned that I was seriously thinking of doing similar to what he and Nat Peters had done, and get duel season tickets, for Blues and Hearts. Depending on whether I can afford it, and the ground hopping. Mikey had joined us now, and we were soon off to Dig Brew. This place has really taken off now, and so has the beer. Even with it being a Friday, it was busy. A face I remembered from The Anchor was in there, I had a quick chat with him. He and his mate were, like me, impressed with how well the place was doing, and how well the beer had got. They also never went in The Anchor anymore.


“Sorry about the need for dark glasses, when looking at this photo”

The beauty in the photo, (The shirt, not the barman) was a right show stopper/conversation piece. Both me and Taffy, interrogated the poor kid. It had been his Dad’s. We advised him to look after it, as it was now worth money. It’s become iconic, a symbol of sartorial rebellion. Unfashionably fashionable. I still can’t bring myself to own one. The ones who went to Middlesbrough, shared memories with the ones that didn’t, including Stone Roses following me around. Me and Taffy followed the rest to the Clink.


“Balsall Heath has changed”

It had the beer with Jambo in the title. I was goaded in having it. At 9%, it’s strong, but it’s a cherry chocolate stout. It’s really nice. It’s the type of thing you have at Christmas. I was just having it slightly early.

Seeley spent most of the game asleep. Cute but apparently heavy. Swansea spent the first half asleep. Lee Camp making his league debut in the Blues goal, didn’t need to have been there. We could’ve played “rush” goalie, such was our dominance. Swansea had made a good start to the season, and are managed by one of our ex players, a manager who’s making a name for himself, for using original, groundbreaking ideas. I thought he might have been using the tried and tested tactic of sit deep, hit and run. We had chance upon chance, but couldn’t score. We had the ball in the net, ruled out for a foul. One of the Gardner’s was playing, I don’t know which, they all play the same to me. I’d be rubbish trying to differentiate between either on “A Question Of Sport”, not the male relatives anyway. Half time had us all wondering why we hadn’t scored, second half was a watered down version. I was expecting Swansea to come out, all guns blazing, and steam roll us. They didn’t. They were just as tentative in the second half, as they were in the first. Blues pretty much, ran out of ideas, except for Jota, I wasn’t surprised. Except for he and Maghoma, we haven’t any attacking nous. Hopefully, with the result being 0:0, Sky will leave us alone from after the Baggies game. I saw Steve, from off the bus to work in the morning. He was disappointed, but not despondent. J.K. was the same

I walked in to town, and got the bus. Badger was on it, so I sat and talked to him, before getting off at the same stop, and parting ways.


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