1/12/18 Blues v Preston North End. Fish Fingers, Chocolate Fingers, Butter Fingers.

With a combination of age and lifestyle, I was feeling fragile, I have tendency to see how far I can push myself, in a rebellious sort of way. If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room, I know they’re pinched lyrics, but words inspire or effect us all, though obviously not the stuff I churn out. I am a contradiction though, and although I find myself living in the moment, I restrain myself from getting involved on the ‘Small Heath Alliance’ forum, when I read anything that hasn’t been researched, and I know this is self indulgent, in putting this in this, but feel compelled to state where, in terms of football supporting, ‘Bluenose’ came from, now I don’t know which city, but it would’ve been spread by friends, or family, as due to the migration of people during the industrial revolution, the fast expanding cities of Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, were linked. Forght for, and acquired spare time and money, coupled with the boom in football, led to allegiances being formed. Someone, somewhere, visiting a pub, thought it a good idea to grab the chalk, from the billiard table (Snooker was in its embryonic stage too) dip his finger in his beer, wet the chalk, (Which was, and still usually is, blue) and paint their most prominent, facial feature, blue, thus showing their support for the club who wore the same colours. A bizarre practice, but it spread like wildfire at Rangers, Everton, Manchester City and us, before being superseded by knitted bar scarves, rosettes, and rattles, metal badges and replica shirts. By the way, it wasn’t me, I’m not quite old enough. I got the train to Acocks Green again, fully expecting to be the first in, I bumped into Steve, after I’d just bought a lottery ticket, and neither of us were first in The Inn On The Green, as Spoons was already in there, and as I was ordering, both Mikey, and Jinksy came in, in quick succession, as we settled in, both Darrell and Rich came in. Jude had started the Xmas cards, and Spoons handed ours out from the substantial pile, we came up with the idea of swapping Badgers for a Carling beer mat, and we all signed it, vowing to get any of the ale trailers, we saw to sign it. We got the bus to Moseley, and went in The Dark Horse, a place I hadn’t been in before, Phil and Ian were already in there, Phil had noted, that the Blackpool shirt sponsorship, is BetSid, and wondered if I made much from the previous night, unfortunately not. It looks like Blackburn away is going to be effected by industrial action, I discovered through Ian that both Chilten rail and Northern Rail are owned by the the German government, the quicker Corbyn gets in, and nationalises the rail system in this country, the better. We got the bus to the other end of Moseley, to the beer festival at the Old Mo, thankfully, they’d still got Millstones chocolate cherry stout on, and surprisingly, the amount of gushing I’d done to Linzy, the previous day, about it, had impressed enough for her to give it a try, I hadn’t been wrong about it.


“Ever alert”

We got an Uber to The Clink, and I had an imperial plum pudding stout, it was Xmas in a glass.


“He ain’t told us

The first half was dull, not in a Rowett style dull, but dull. If you’d have left at half-time, you’d have missed a ‘hens teeth’ moment. A typical miss hit pass from Kieftenbeld, was just a routine pick up and distribute, professional goalkeeping kind of thing, that you see on a parks pitch, what happened, was comedic, well, for us Blues anyway, the ball had just enough pace, to make it, via fingers, through Declan Rudds legs, over the line, and nestle in the back of the net. I suppose you can say, at least he managed to put his head in his hands. We proceeded to jeer, every time he went near the ball, Maghoma scored a Mag’s type goal, and Adams nonchalantly scored, to finish the scoring at 3:0, maybe Che thought he’d only need to get it on target, for it to go in.

It was back to the Dog after, (No, not the one in the photo, though he probably won’t have moved) most of the trailers were in there, and I don’t know who it was, (I’m not the most observant) and I don’t know for how long, (Did I say, I’m not the most observant) but someone swapped my beer mat, for a Carling one. I have my suspicions. . . . Two people are exonerated, Darrell, who was too inebriated, to have been capable, and Jude, who was too stressed, to bother. Even company Xmas do’s, are getting earlier, these days, the pub filled up with a whole bunch of Father Christmas clad revellers, I was going to get my form stamped or signed, but I’ve got a bit of time, there’s no rush, not like early Xmas do’s. I went home instead.

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