29/12/18 Blues v Brentford, A Bunch of Cheating Bees.

I had an unusual start to the day, I’d indulged in a bit of family visiting, the day before, and after discovering there was signalling problems between Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton, hadn’t taken much persuading, to stop on my Brothers sofa, besides, I don’t get to see much of him these days anyway, coupled with the offer of a lift back to Brum, from off my Nephew Dan, the decision to stop, was extremely easy. After a quick tour round my flat, when they dropped me off and went, I spruced up, as best I could, (There wasn’t time for the plastic surgery required) and got the bus into town. Heading for The Wellington, I spotted a couple of familiar figures, Jacob and Christophe, for sure, Swedes who were over for the game, they dropped into Tesco Express to get something to eat, and I carried on to the Welly, Steve, J.K., Ian, Paul Mason and his Dad had grabbed a table, I joined them, doing the usual Jinksy thing, of putting my phone on charge, with not having my charger with me, the previous evening, the battery was on the verge of expiring, Taffy came in, as did Paul, Taffy was passing his sponsor form round, he’s going dry for January, I can certainly support the charity side, but not drinking ale? Now that’s a commitment, I couldn’t adhere to, far too healthy for me. Head of Steam was next, finding another connector to carry on charging my phone, à la Monsior Jinks, the second biggest game in Scotland, was being shown, Rangers v Celtic, we scanned the crowd for Jinksy, as Rangers actually managed to take the lead, on the balance of play, they had deserved it, but football can be cruel at times, we’d all expected Celtic to soak up the play, and score with a sucker punch. The Wellington, Post Office Vaults, and The Woodman, share a loyalty card, I used my full one, to get a pint at The Woodman, we discussed the F.F.P. question again, we’re in limbo as a club, the sword of Damocles, hanging over us, the rumours have been abound, since a punishment hearing had been announced, and postponed, we can’t help but speculate, and though we haven’t really got the in-depth knowledge of other clubs financial dealings, we’re feeling hard done by, we know we’re going to have extra sanctions put on us, just what they’ll be, is any supporters guess. Personally, I’m not paying too much attention to where we are in the league, and won’t, until the outcome of the hearing in February, I’m neither optimistic, nor pessimistic, que sèra. Drinking up, we moved on to Dig Brew, Brynn, Nephew of Craig, Birdy and Craig were in there. Nephew of Craig and Son of Brynn, being the same person, depending on the weather. Very nice of him, Brynn bought me a drink, with the time crashing into kick-off, I only had a half, before we all made for the ground

I missed out on both a programme, and a Made In Brum, both sold out. I took my place next to the regulars I sit by, everyone saying what I’d been thinking, it had been a theme of conversation all day, was it going to be an ‘After the Lord mayor’s show’, after the good wins away at Wigan, and Stoke at home. In footballing terms, Brentford are, and have been, on the same level as us, but in terms of base support, and how that base support is, we’re not, there’s a history of Blues snapping up their best players, and us fan’s, doing what we do at times, and taking them over, B.B.Q.s in the club car park, till the early hours of the morning, when we beat them, in the semi-final of the Leyland Daf, in 91, and blasting them off the top of the league, when we beat them in 95, (The ground was bouncing) hurt them, and they dislike us, but we don’t dislike them, and that riles them even more, with raiding Brentford for 3 of their best players on deadline day, last season, they’re still trying to get back at us, we started slowly, they were sticking to a game plan, they’d come to frustrate, claim a point, they spent the first half, time wasting, disrupting any kind of rhythm, we could get into, chances were a premium, 0:0 half-time, I went to the Cookhouse, to see what they’d got on, Beef Rendang with Jasmine rice, it was absolutely gorgeous, after having lager flicked at me, to grab my attention, I preceded to wave the aroma towards Dave Moyna, the perpetrator, between mouthfuls, pressing him, on his extra marital relations. Second half, and Brentford had changed tact, having gotten away with the time wasting and play acting, for the whole of the first-half, they moved on to persistent fouling, helped by a partially sighted referee, and two assistants, it led to frustrating viewing, and the game finished with the same scoreline, it started with. As I walked away from the ground, I consoled myself, that we hadn’t conceded, and we’d got a point, same as Brentford, whose small band of fans, were the more contented.

I went back to the Spotted Dog, with everyone having heard of Churchend’s success at the annual awards at the West Midlands regional branch meeting. They picked up the overall gold award for Fallen Angel, picking up a silver and bronze for beers in other categories, their best haul so far. I went off early, to watch the last twenty minutes of the biggest game in Scotland, Hibs v Hearts, at the White Swan, to be honest, with Hearts winning 1:0 and being under the cosh by Hibs, it didn’t make for comfortable viewing. The referee calling time, brought relief and a smile of satisfaction, you couldn’t wipe off with a Brillo pad. It was only then, that I spotted Spoons and Jude, so joined them, congratulating Spoons, on his contribution to Churchend’s success, hopefully, he’ll carry on sticking his socks in the brew. I walked up into town, and got the bus home.

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