Annie Verse ‘Arry.

I’ve never been the sharpest tool in the box, even when the box held nothing else but rubber mallets, it took me too long to hunt through them to find the glass hammer I’d been assigned to get, don’t get me started on a bubble for a spirit level and tartan paint, neither are available on eBay, and I even tried the Leeds branch eBay gum, and the dark web, somewhere that all I found, when I switched the light on, was a few dead flies, and Jeff Goldblum, (Not dead) apologies to all Yorkshire folk, and the inept attempt at humour. It’s been a whole year since spending a week in the Katherine Monk suite at hotel Kings College, I can’t say it hasn’t been a battle, though I feel quite adept at hiding how much it’s been, but then I see other cases where people have suffered worse injuries to me, and see their struggle, and mine compared, has been an absolute breeze. Now I don’t want a certain family member to worry anymore than they do already, but maybe I should’ve made more of it when I was recovering, I’m more the, pick up severed leg, tuck under arm, hop off, kind of mentality, and I didn’t become a regular visitor to the doctor. In fact, the only time I’ve been since it happened, was when I signed up with a local G.P., when I was still off work. I’ve got scars you can’t see, the type you don’t need psycho therapy for, and I really don’t know how much long term damage actually happened to me, like I’ve said, I’ve never been the sharpest tool, but the thing is, I can function at a level, I’m happy with, bar the reduction in the hearing in my right ear, which I can cope with, something I don’t suppose, after a year now, will get any better.


“Not sure I wouldn’t have floated away”

The ugly emaciated figure on the right, was me, the photo taken, roughly a fortnight before my trip, or more to the point, fall on the escalators. My mental state is no better now than it was before, but I’m eating properly now, and I’ve put weight on, though I’m sure my brother in the photo will still state that he’s only got to watch a food programme on T.V., to put weight on, I used to take a perverse sense of pride, in my lack of weight, now I don’t have to hold on to something in a gentle wind anymore, and have stopped fearing a drain like a cattle grid. I don’t suppose I’ll ever be huge, even if I didn’t move further than the chair to the toilet, and did nothing all day, but play video games, and watch Netflix, with a hotline to the local takeaway and an endless supply of confectionery and savoury snacks, but if I do find myself reaquainting my head with the floor, it’ll be because my knees or ankles have given the ghost up, due to the decades of ware and tear as a factory bunny with the onset of myxomatosis.

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