28/4/19 Blues women v Liverpool Women, Women’s Super League, Blue and White.

I’d given myself 3 choices for my last day of freedom before having to drag myself back to the wind and grind of work, Worcestershire v Warwickshire in the Royal London cup, the remnants of storm Hannah already putting me off the thought of sitting in the cold, watching cricket, for that one, Coventry v Shrewsbury in League Two, and trying to get out to, and back from, the Ricoh Arena, putting me off that particular one, so it left me with the easiest option, though not the worst option, unlike a certain ale trailer, who rates women’s football in the same bracket as watching the omnibus edition of Eastenders, bookended by Jeremy Kyle programmes, I quite like watching it. Were more games to be played at St Andrews, I would watch more than, what seems to be, the annual last home game of the season. Before getting the bus into town, I bought the Non league paper, albeit a really good read, and source of information, I thought it would give me something to read, as I had a few beers, as I made my way to the Indian Brewery Tap, I bumped into an old work colleague of mine, after a good catch up, carried on to the Indian, I like the place, it’s a bit different to the usual, I don’t go in there enough, as I sat there with the paper spread out, J.K. came in, I hadn’t been expecting to see anybody, we talked football, before we migrated to the Wellington, Darrell, Paul and Jackie, and also Taffy were in there, Taffy, a reader of this drivel, asking me whether I used spell checker, truth is, I use the word bar, and that’s it. I’m not sure that spell checker didn’t pack its bags and leave in disgust, long ago, probably some time, when I had a Nokia 3310, the original version. Not knowing which boozer has which service provider, I didn’t know which pub was showing Hibs v Hearts, if any, well it wasn’t the old firm, let alone Premier League, plus Villa were being shown v Leeds away, Darrell being so much more up on technology than me, kindly put the Hobos v Hearts game on his phone, the rest went next door to the Pint Shop, as we watched the game, before we joined them. We continued to watch a proper game, while the rest watched Leeds v Vile, we watched the rest of the half, before again, we joined the rest in the Head Of Steam, probably leaving it too late to make the kick-off in time. The roads round the Blues ground for the men’s game, are blocked off by the police, it meant I could get the bus up to St Andrews, I hadn’t banked on so many shoppers wanting to park in the multistory opposite Selfridges,


“The HS2, a white elephant, or badly needed?”

we inched along till we were able to get passed, so I don’t know whether there are a different set of kick-off fairies for the women’s game.

With only the Kop open, I never get tired of glancing at, and working out where I usually sit in the Tilton, it’s a surreal feeling. At least I saw the women take the lead, an opportunist finish, from Ellen White, Blues were Bossing the game, I hadn’t seen a Blues side having so much possession and looking dominant, all season, another opportunist finish from our England striker, (Something else I never get tired of) Ellen White, made it 2:0, the sides were polar opposites of their men’s sides, I dread to think how far apart they are. I got a pie at half-time, no Fastpay rubbish getting in the way, just straight cash. I managed to get a programme too, so at least I was contributing, it had been free for a men’s season ticket holder. If watching the previous days game had been bereft of anything that made it worth turning up for, two things stood out in the second half, firstly, but not first in terms of it happening, Blues should’ve had a penalty, had it happened the previous day, it definitely would’ve been given, I don’t know whether it was bad refereeing, or that women don’t protest as much, and thus, get given a little leeway, the second thing, was an exquisitely thoughtful chip from Ellen White, that would’ve brought her hat trick, instead, it brought an excellent save off the Scouse keeper, who arching back, just tipped it over the bar. Never mind what level of football I’ve watched this season, it was a stand out moment.


“Shame about not enough fans to see it”

The attendance was given as 1,545, more than what I was expecting, not as many as it should be, women’s football is improving at an amazing rate, and although some won’t ever rate it, it’s worth watching, and will carry on getting better, attracting more people, as it does.

I knew Spoons would be camped in the White Swan, he was, along with Jude, Port Vale Paul and a face I recognised from the old Anchor days, there was also Churchend’s Goat’s Milk on too, unsurprisingly, the barrels that Spoons had delivered, had gone down well. J.k. came in, keeping an eye on the United v Chelsea game as we all chatted, laughing at silly stuff, it was as close as it used to be in the Anchor, although the Churchend beer ran out, and only beers from the Marston’s range were left, not making do with their rubbish, I made my excuses, and walked up to get the bus home.


“Beats advertising posters”

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