Dodging The Tumble weeds in Search Of Scraps.

Every two years your average football fan goes stir crazy/cold turkey. Even the most level headed amongst us, find ourselves either going slightly mad, or sending our nearest and dearest mad in the process. Yep, when the year ends in an odd number, we look to fill our waking hours with something, anything to keep our minds occupied, so we don’t fall into a daydream like stupor. We’ve all got other things that we are interested in, and like doing, but football and specifically, ‘that club’ is still the focal point. With no World Cup or European Championship to distract us, we sift through all the usual websites looking for titbits of information to help us through to the start of the season. A true, active, football addict, will be able to tell you exactly when the new fixtures are released, and by which governing body. The only other release dates we can use as a framework, is the revealing of both the home and away strips. Otherwise, it’s trawling through media outlets. For instance, I don’t like the Premier League, and don’t believe any of the transfer gossip that surrounds the circus, but I still find a low level entertainment in the round up that BBC stick on the teletext every day. For us experiencing cold turkey, social media doesn’t do us any favours. Especially when it comes to transfer rumours, mock up kits, absolutely anything that’s happening behind the scenes. Sightings of players ‘linked’ to the club, in places that could point to an ‘imminent’ signing, same with institu players, ‘rumoured’ to be in talks with whoever. We don’t want to miss out, desperate not to be the last to know, informedĀ  by someone who isn’t a fellow supporter, and as such, leave ourselves gullible to keyboard invention and opposition wind ups. Truth is, very little happens in the close season, and had we the mental strength to do it, we should ignore everything, until the week before the season starts, when we can catch up on anything that did actually happen. Personally, I was looking forward to watching as much cricket as possible, basking in the summer heat and sun. Precipitation has been the order of the day though, every day it seems. I wonder now, how I ever used to get through an odd numbered year, when the weather was dismal. The kit never changed from year to year, (Yes it did get washed) so you didn’t have the great reveal. A photo of Mark Dennis pointing at Dave Langan’s shirt, on the back page of the Birmingham Evening Mail (In those days) at the pre season photocall in 1982, was the first we even knew that the kit was even to be produced by a different company. Now it’s a themed photoshoot. Same as a new signing, or a player leaving. There were no weeks of speculation, the first you knew, was in the local paper. There wasn’t any undisclosed rubbish either, dealings were transparent. You felt privy to the club, within touching distance, not cash cows waiting to be milked, before being shoved back in the field. I don’t go to ‘friendlies’, can’t abide them. In their infinite wisdom, the Scottish FA, organise their League Cup competition, so that the first round is played in groups at the end of July, means an early chance to ground hop north of the border. The first game I’ve pencilled in, will only be 62 days after the last game I attended, but by then, it will have felt more like 620. Nurse. . . NURSE!!

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