7/2/20 Bristol City v Blues, Brizzle Brushed Aside.

Having managed to get some sleep after the last night shift of the week, getting my overnight bag sorted without any hassle, and with only having to wait a couple of minutes for the bus into town, I was feeling pretty good about life. I was feeling that good, and things were running that smoothly, I was kind of expecting something to go wrong at some point in the evening, no doubt, Blues would get beat, it would have to be something else. I knew Steve was going to be on my train, but with Ian’s new union position being based in the sprawl of our capital city, I wasn’t expecting to see him at New Street, and he was off to work…….ish, given my residence at the low end of the employment spectrum, I find it difficult to see spending most of your working days in meetings as ‘proper’ work. I have been in meetings to do with work, and can honestly say, it’s the easiest ‘work’ I’ve ever done. The train was slightly late pulling out,


“So I look this”

I was hoping to get some extra sleep on the train, but my mind was fully awake, (for a change) and I made do with just relaxing, and gawping out of the window. We touched down in Brizzle, and went our separate ways to check in to our perspective digs, meeting back up, we went to the Barley Mow, the Spotted Dog crew were already in there, including Jeff and John, turned out they were in the Ibis along with me, Spoons and JK. Mikey was next in, before Spoons and JK arrived, I toyed with the idea of climbing up and changing the pub sign from Barley Mow to Spotted Dog, we’d taken it over, Leicester plans were talked about, along with how the Blues had been this season. The Spotted Dog crew went to check in, we went off to the Bag of Nails, I was following the rest, as I don’t know Bristol, it was actually only the fourth time I’d ever been to the place in my life,


“Cats, cats”


“And more cats”


“But none of these”

Even without the half dozen cats, the place was quirky. One thing I did remember about Brizzle, is it’s hilly, once out of the immediate centre, you’re either walking up a hill, or down one, Eldon House was on the way up one.


“A music venue by the looks”

The next was The Landsdown, Mikey had the sense to order some chunky chips, which he generously shared with the rest of us, I only wish I’d had his sense and ordered a dish, I’m guessing the other two were thinking the same, as the chips were gorgeous. The Portcullis was where Ian caught up with us, I say up, as he’d had to climb the hill up to where we were. If you’re not in the fittest of health, I wouldn’t recommend Bristol, unless you’re going to just stay in the centre, and not venture out, but otherwise Bristol is a cool place. We hit the Merchant’s last before the game,


“JK shows the best way to avoid the Coronavirus”

I had a half of Churchend’s Fallen Angel, awful awful stuff, how anything from that brewery ever wins all the awards it does, I’ll never know, I’m joking of course. We headed for the ground, kept heading for the ground, I have a feeling that Spoons accidentally led us the wrong way, we missed kickoff which is traditional for us,

but later than usual, so late that we missed Bristol taking the lead,


“It’s changed a bit since my first visit, back in 1992”

something I wasn’t too bothered about. We settled down, Blues, not us ale trailers, we equalised on 23, through that bloke that nobody wanted, right place at the right time, it’s what we’d been screaming out for, just not someone from ‘them lot’, it’s a goal a game so far though. Me and Steve spotted the others, and once I’d said hello to Si minus Rob,  Noonan, we joined them. Seven minutes after the equaliser, an ex player from ‘them lot’ deflected a cross from our Jude to make it 2:1 to us, yup, us. This wasn’t in the script. Blues looked comfortable, though you always know with Blues that they’ll hit the self destruct button at some point, this time, the self destruct button wasn’t working, in fact, albeit briefly as it was in added time, we were able to metaphorically break out the cigars, when the Juke went through, chipping it over the advancing home keeper, to make it 1:3, the only thing to have gone wrong all day was being later than usual for the game.

We went to the Bristol Beer Factory, to start celebrating, in amongst glum looking Brizzle City fans and a kid with a Wasps beanie hat, we were hoping for a different angle on our tenants, turned out that he just liked the hat, the lad didn’t even like sport let alone rugby. It killed any chance of a conversation stone dead. I settled for waxing lyrical to Mikey about Bellingham, waking him back up once we moved on to The Tobacco Cafe Bar, a hip and trendy type place, where I was seduced by a key keg Toffee laced beer that was beautiful, carbonated, but lovely tasting.


“Here’s to many more years of hip, trendiness and decent beer”


“Phone coverage by Orange”

We had one last one in The Coronation, where we seemed to attract the attention of the local female clientele. If one of them had looked like Lorraine Kelly, it would’ve been interesting to see Ian’s resolve being tested. Once closer we split up to go to our different hotels.

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