10/10/20 Redditch United v Biggleswade Town, Southern League Premier Division Central. Well Put Some Cream On It Then.

What it really means.

HANDS:- We know what you do behind closed doors and it’s a filthy habit. You’ll go blind.

FACE:- You really are hideously ugly. A balaclava would be better but we can’t make you wear one of those……………….yet.

SPACE:- You’ve terrible body odour and you stink. Have a regular bath or shower will you. Have you even heard of deodorant?

What is now the usual unusual, is getting even more tweaked, yet it’s simply not working. These so called health advisers haven’t a clue. I said I wasn’t going to rant about it anymore, but the population has been following guidelines and rules that these idiots have been spouting and we’re in a no better situation now than we were 8 months ago. It’s not just human life that’s being killed off, but the human way of life. Before this spectre of death overshadowed us all, I used to buy advanced tickets for the train as it was cheaper. At the moment, you’re lucky if you can plan more than a week ahead. I walked into town and went to get my ticket for the day, I tentatively bought tickets for a trip next week. I honestly don’t know whether there’ll be a point to using them, or even whether I’ll get the chance to. I’ve now got a week of checking the situation in the place I’m hoping to go to. The delusional will believe it’s for the best, but make no bones about it, life isn’t life anymore, it’s just an existence. Catching a fatal dose of Covid 19 is starting to look more and more appealing. Given my abysmal lack of good luck on the lottery, I wouldn’t catch it anyway. I went for a pint on my own in the Welly. Jinksy was going to be meeting me on the train. A little youth mob came in. In previous seasons, it was something that happened quite regularly, but as the pub would be a lot busier than almost empty, it would’ve gone largely unnoticed. Same with how F.A.Cup 3rd round day used to be in London, I amused myself by trying to work out who they were. As there were no club colours in evidence, it was trying to ascertain from accent. It was an accent that was nondescript Midlands and it beat me. At least the now classic question was asked. “D’yer serve Carling?” On the way out to go and get the train, I asked a trio of the youth mob who they were. Turned out they were Tamworth. Texting with Jinksy on WhatsApp, Tamworth were away at Alvechurch. We’d actually decided to drink in Alvechurch because Redditch is a real ale desert. He joined me on the train at Longbridge and we carried on to there. We strolled down the tow path to the Swan. We drank outside last time, this time we drank inside. They’ve put up plastic screens in between the tables to help with anti social distancing. I didn’t notice last time. We got chatting, or tried at least, to a couple of Tamworth followers. Fans are getting bored of watching football on telly now. They need that match experience fix. The government have already decided that games in the top 7 leagues in England are not allowed to be attended until March of next year. I’m convinced come March, that it will be extended till beyond the end of the season. With the way it’s going, I can also see it being extended to all football again and when that happens, hundreds of clubs will cease to exist. We left and went back to the Weighbridge. The beer selection had decreased to just one. At least it was a locale. Jinksy is linked into every single social media platform that’s going. He’s probably not, but to someone who doesn’t do it, he is. There are times when he finds out something interesting and I have second thoughts on the whole parade. There was recently a charity walk to raise funds for the ‘Justice for the 21’ campaign. It was noted that the walk had been completed. It’s still an emotive issue, not only just in Brum, but throughout the country. There’s still so many unanswered questions about that fateful night and even given the length of time ago it happened, it’s still very raw. We’ve all got stories from that night. Things that happened, ‘sliding doors’ moments that could’ve turned out a lot worse for different individuals. My own particular view, is that they’re waiting for the bombers to die, before releasing what actually happened that night. Like Jinksy, I’m convinced that the authorities know exactly who was responsible. It’s an open wound that hasn’t been allowed to heal by successive governments, and it should have by now. The topic of conversation switched seamlessly to family and being more specific, Jinksy’s Grandparents. I love hearing family stories from a different age, it paints pictures of how life was. We got the train the short distance to Redditch and with Jinksy having been to a game there before, he led the way. For a change, we’d turned up early for a game. With restrictions put on crowd capacity during this rubbish, although pay on the gate, it was first come, first served, hence why we got there early.

so here’s a few pics.

Including Blues flags.

Redditch Blues attend every single Birmingham City game there is. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a friendly or a women’s game, and it doesn’t matter where in the country it is. In fact, even with our games having to be played behind closed doors, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that they’ve somehow managed to get in. Redditch is an overspill town for South Brum, so I suppose you could say that it goes with the territory.

Side terracing obviously
Strange little stand
A bit of countryside to look at.
I’ll even throw in one of a rainbow.

We went for a beer in the club, there was probably more blue and white bedecked people in there than there was people sporting red. With it being table service at the moment, the woman who was taking orders could’ve probably have done with roller skates. Not sure how she would’ve got on with actually serving the drinks though. Even with being early and through no fault of the two women trying to work the bar, we still managed to miss an early goal from Biggleswade. Drink finished, I went for a burger, whilst Jinksy waited. Keeping one eye on the game, I just about caught the Redditch equaliser as I queued. To be fair to Redditch United, it’s quite a good set up and the ground could quite easily cope with a much higher level of football. I’d even go as far as saying that it’s probably a much better ground than Solihull Moors. It’s definitely easier to get to given the position of Damson Lane. Once Redditch had levelled the scores, there was only ever going to be one winner. The rest of the game was a procession. Without sounding disrespectful to the town of Biggleswade, up until this season I thought it was something that the fictional pilot needed to do if his plane crashed onto a river. I still don’t know where the place is, or whether it’s even worth visiting. Redditch United on the other hand could actually benefit from the extra people coming through the gate. The ground is big enough to allow even more people in, but it’ll depend on the fickle fate of this virus thingy and the response of the irresponsible, idiot health advisers, who would have us confined to our homes until our food has run out and we’ve all died of hunger. The home side ran out 4:1 winners and didn’t stop running until several counties had been covered and they’d collapsed through exhaustion.

What the town could really do with, is several more pubs that do real ale. If Carling is your soup of the day, then fine, but if you want something with taste, then the town of Redditch is to be avoided. It’s a shame, because it’s actually got a nice small town feel to it. I can understand why so many Brummie’s and more importantly, Blues fans have migrated there. There’s two Wetherspoons in Redditch, The Royal Enfield with its impressive Art deco facade (It’s the old cinema) and the better but much more boring new build, Rising Sun. Like I’ve said, Jinksy had been to watch Redditch a few times before and thus, knew where everything was. I was more than happy for him to lead the way. It had been the first time I’d visited a Wetherspoons since all the pubs had been forced to close but had since been allowed to reopen. Not because I’ve anything against Tim Martin and his attitude towards the employees at Wetherspoons during Coronavirus, more the thought of having to queue for a table at what is, a popular venue throughout the country. I wasn’t to be disappointed. If you’re thinking, “Oh, he’s going to give it a good write up”, you’re wrong. It’s now got a militaristic feel to it. If the franchise had been around at the height of the holiday camp phenomenon, each place would have a Wetherspoons. If you felt that the places had that clinical sense about them before, please understand, that kind of experience has now increased and has been fine tuned. Jinksy was quite taken by one of the bar staff, but I think that might have been down to the alcohol taking effect. It gave me an insight to his ‘type’ though. He left me to finish my pint and went to get an earlier train. Finishing up, I leisurely walked back to the station, ducking into one of the surprisingly, many fast food places that are on the main drag down to the station. I say surprisingly because it’s something you don’t tend to find anymore with places. Used to be a time when there were always chippy’s very near a train station, it’s something that has dropped out of fashion. Redditch made a refreshing change in that respect. Getting on the train, I jammed my headphones in, and that’s where they stayed until I reached home and stuck the television on.

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